Natural Resources Development

I have a 5-point plan to ensure that natural resource development in Canada proceeds without illegal interference. It includes:

  1. Increasing penalties for those engaging in acts of violence and/or vandalism designed to disrupt natural resources development;
  2. Ensuring those who provide support for the aforementioned actions are charged;
  3. Creating a new force comprised of specialized components from the RCMP, CSIS, CRA and DFAIT to coordinate investigations, freeze bank accounts, and lay charges to ensure that those who seek to illegally disrupt natural resource development projects are brought to justice;
  4. Classifying environmental lobbying as a political activity to ensure transparency in funding and to get international money out of the process; and
  5. Realigning Canadian regulatory processes to ensure Canada’s ability to compete in the marketplace.

The development of our natural resources is an opportunity and a duty. As former Ontario Premier George Drew said in 1943:
“It is our humane duty to put the vast resources and rich land which God has given us into full productive use, not only for ourselves but for the rest of the world as well. It is is also our opportunity to build a strong and prosperous Ontario with a population far beyond what we have now, living in greater comfort and security than they have ever known before. That is a vision which is justified by all the facts. It is a vision worthy of the sacrifice which our young men and women are making for us today. That is the future to which they are entitled. That is the future which I believe can be made a reality by the programme which I have read to you tonight.”
We will build Canada. It is our duty to ourselves and the world. We will not tolerate acts of violence or vandalism from those who want to illegally stand in the way of the economic prosperity of Canadians. There is a place for legitimate protest, but we will lock up the agitators and activists who resort to vandalism and violence when they do not get their way.