Mexican Visas

I am opposed to the Liberal government’s decision to lift the visa requirement for Mexicans entering Canada without a plan to address the spike in false refugee claims that will follow.
The Mexican visa requirement, put in place in 2009 by Prime Minister Stephen Harper, was aimed at stopping a significant amount of false refugee claims from Mexico. Since the decisive actions of the previous Conservative government, the number of refugee claims from Mexico dropped from 9,490 in 2008 to 120 in 2015. After buckling to pressure from Mexican officials this summer, the Liberal government agreed to lift the visa requirement without a clear rationale or plan to deal with an anticipated spike in refugee claims.
You can’t lift the visa requirement and not address the potential for false refugee claims. The Liberals are playing games with our immigration system. Our immigration officials are already overworked and pressured to meet unrealistic immigration quotas. We can’t trade the integrity of the system.
The Conservative government introduced this policy because of a massive amount of false refugee claims from Mexico. The government knows that asylum claims are going to spike and it knows that the vast majority of the claims are invalid. I will continue to keep our borders secure. Unlike the Prime Minister, I will offer strong, decisive leadership to ensure Canada is respected on the world stage.
The current system works well for both sides. Since implementation in 2009, the Mexican visa requirement has prevented a significant number of false refugee claims while maintaining positive tourist growth from Mexico. 2015 was the fifth busiest year for tourism from Mexico since 2001 and refugee claims were at their lowest levels since 2005.