Dismantle the CBC

One of the central priorities of my campaign is a cap on government spending. Every government department will have to do its part including the CBC.
The playing field is not level for Canadian media. For Canadian democracy to thrive, we need to hear from the different voices in the press. So long as the CBC continues to distort the market by consuming advertising revenues and having its operations underwritten by the taxpayer, the market is uncompetitive.
I strongly disagree with the stance taken by fellow leadership candidate Maxime Bernier and his call for CBC reform – the CBC doesn’t need to be reformed it needs to be dismantled.
The measure of a conservative is in their efforts to, as the great British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher described it, “roll back the frontiers of the state.” Maxime’s plan doesn’t do that. Mine does.
Taxpayers should not have to subsidize the CBC to keep it afloat. Just like in the private sector, if a company isn’t competitive and isn’t profitable, it shouldn’t be in business. Private media outlets like The Toronto Star, The Globe and Mail and Le Journal de Montréal are struggling, and we must level the playing field. The days of a bloated, taxpayer-subsidized CBC are numbered.
That part of the CBC that provides emergency services to remote and rural parts of Canada will be maintained.