Cap on Government Spending

As Prime Minister, I will institute a cap on government spending. Too often, when politicians open their mouths it costs you more money. Under my leadership that will stop. Ministers and bureaucrats will be expected to find new ways to get things done — new ways that don’t involve increasing taxes or borrowing money. It is time for government to live within its means so that Canadians can start prospering from their own hard work.
For too long, the public sector has been growing and the private sector has been struggling. It is hurting all of us. One way to restore prosperity to Canada is to get spending under control and begin to balance the budget.
But as Conservatives, we don’t balance the budget for its own sake. Balanced budgets are a means to prosperity. Prosperity is a means to the highest amount of freedom possible for Canadians, both personal and economic.
Canadians work hard and pay their taxes and they’re happy to do so because they recognize that those of us who prosper have a responsibility to help those who sometimes need a hand up. But we have to first be able to take care of ourselves and our families.
That’s why I will institute a cap on government spending — to restore prosperity to Canadian families and to ensure the viability of those services that provide us with the safety and security that make this country so great.