Budget Policy Announced

Today I announced the following six points will form the core of my budget policy:

1. Balanced budgets
2. Debt reduction
3. Ending the tax-on-tax
4. Reducing the political party donation tax credit
5. Identifying and reducing waste in government
6. Controlling public sector pay and benefits.

Earlier in this campaign, I announced that I would institute a cap on government spending. That policy is designed to force government departments to prioritize their program spending. Once we have achieved the cap, my budgeting policies will be guided by these six points.

My support for these policies is not for their own purposes but rather because of what they let us achieve. That is a future based on prosperity, founded on the values of hard work, generosity, freedom, tolerance, and equality of opportunity. Sound budget policies ensure that we can build a future where we can lead the kind of lives we want to lead.

That is why these ideas will form the core of my government’s budget.